Faculty & Student Engagement

ML-RCP empowers academic faculty by connecting them to funding and to a network of AFRL and academic professionals that enhances research resources and opportunities. Resources available to faculty through ML-RCP include funding for student researchers, access to laboratories and equipment, support for proposal submissions including examples of successful proposals and best practices, In addition, academic faculty have access to webinars on various topics such as export control, drafting a white paper, and creating a research budget.

ML-RCP empowers students by developing technical, professional and personal skills. ML-RCP builds community among undergraduate and graduate students from member institutions located across the U.S. Student engagement experiences may culminate in an on base summer internship at AFRL.

Student Summer Internships

Students paired with faculty researchers on AFRL approved research may be invited to travel for summer internships onsite at AFRL. If this occurs, students will work with AFRL research mentors on projects during the summer internship and throughout the academic year. Students participating in AFRL summer internship programs have access to specialized research equipment and laboratory space to continue on-going research in concert with their AFRL mentor. The environment at AFRL is unique. It enables students to truly experience the culture and research with strong personal experiences.