Benedict College

AFRL ML-RCP Partner Institution Strengths & Capabilities


Contact Information

Name: Dr. Godwin Mbamalu                

Title: Associate V.P. For Research               



Name: Dr. Fouzi Arammash

Title: Chair of CPENG Department



1.    Please list the research areas in which your institution currently engages.


2. Please note any research areas of strength not listed above. This may include fundamental sciences (e.g. math, physics, biology, etc.).


3.  Are there any emerging areas of research your department/institution is actively seeking to develop?


4. Does your department have any internal research centers or participate in any research consortia?


5. Please provide a list of relevant facilities and equipment.


6. Does your institution have a relationship with any other academic institution or research organization(s) that enables your access to their facilities and equipment?


University of South Carolina and Clemson University. There is collaboration among our faculty and faculty at USC and Clemson so our faculty have access to all needed facilities at USC and Clemson.