Prairie View A&M University

AFRL ML-RCP Partner Institution Strengths & Capabilities

Contact Information

Name: Ramaswamy Krishnamoorthi

Title: Director, Research Advancement

Institution: Prairie View A&M University



1. Please select the research areas in which your institution currently engages. Of these areas of research, please provide a faculty contact for each area.

a. Structural materials; Ramalingam Radha

b. Bio effects; Premkumar Saganti

c. Spectrum warfare; Lijun Qian

d. High speed systems; Lei Huang

e. Functional materials & applications; Jaejong Park

f. Manufacturing technology; Jiang Lai

g. Control, power, & thermal management systems; John Attia

h. Human centered intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance; Lijun Qian

i. Training & decision making; Yonghui Wang

2. Please note, in detail, any research areas of strength not listed above.

a. Computational Biology: Seungchan Kim Smart Microgrid, John Attia Radiation Biology: Premkumar Saganti, Richard Wilkins Cybersecurity: Mohamed Chouikha Autonomous Vehicles: Lijun Qiqn, Annamalai Annamalai Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Lijun Qian, Xishuang Dong Food Security: Kwaku Addo

3. Are there any emerging areas of research your institution is actively seeking to develop?

a. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Melanye Price

4. Does your institution have any internal research centers or participate in any research consortia?


5. Please provide a list of relevant facilities and equipment.

a. Facilities available in each research center on campus can be found, using the above link and drilling down the options.

6. Does your institution have a relationship with any other academic institution or research organization(s) that enables your access to their facilities and equipment?

a. 1. Sandia National Labs, Project funded by Sandia 2. Los Alamos National Lab, Research-training of students and faculty; project funded by DoE 3. Texas A&M University, Collaborative projects; funded by both PVAMU and TAMU 4. Johns Hopkins University, Collaborative project in computational biology; funded by a federal agency 5. Florida A&M University, collaborative project in cybersecurity; funded by a federal agency 6. Arizona State University, collaborative computational biology project; funded by a company and a federal agency

7. Has your institution collaborated with Department of Defense in the past?

a. No response provided.

Research Administration and Compliance

13. Is your institution registered with the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls?

a. Yes

14. Does your institution currently perform Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI/NIST 800-171 compliant) research?

a. No.

15. Does your institution currently perform research subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations?

a. No.

16. Does your institution have a DoD Facility Security Clearance (FCL)?

a. No

ML-RCP Program Expectations

17. The objective of the AFRL ML-RCP is to enable and enhance the research capabilities of the HBCU’s/MSIs through collaborative research efforts with AFRL. What would be necessary for you to receive to meet this objective?

a. PVAMU would very much like to work collaboratively with AFRL on research and education projects in the areas of Artificial intelligence, machine learning, STEM education, cybersecurity, and space radiation biology and effects of space radiation on electronic devices, smart power management, computational biology, and modeling related to weather.