Tennessee State University

AFRL ML-RCP Partner Institution Strengths & Capabilities


Contact Information

Name: John Barfield

Title: Director of Engagement & Visibility

Email: jbarfield@tnstate.edu




1. Please select the research areas in which your institution currently engages:

a.     Structural materials Dr. Lin Li

b.     Radio frequency sensing Dr. Lee-Hyung Keel

c.     Spectrum warfare Dr. Lee-Hyung Keel

d.     High speed systems Dr. Yi-Chung Chen

e.     Functional materials & applications Dr. Richard Mu

f.      Manufacturing technology Dr. Carlos Beane

g.     Electro-optical sensing Dr, M. Saleh Zein-Sabatto

h.     Layered sending exploitation & enabling sensor devices/components Dr. Amir Shirkhodaie

i.      Control, power, & thermal management systems Dr. Landon Onyebueke

j.      Turbine engines Dr. Landon Onyebueke

k.     Human centered intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance

2. Are there any emerging areas of research your institution is actively seeking to develop?

a.     We are developing a strong nexus of faculty in materials research. - Dr. Richard Mu Also we have created Data Science concentration in our Masters and Doctoral CISE programs - Dr. Manar Samad

3. Please provide a list of relevant facilities and equipment.

a.     Please see additional pages below. 

4. Has your institution collaborated with Department of Defense in the past?

a.     Yes


Research Administration and Compliance

5. Is your institution registered with the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls?

a.     No

6. Does your institution currently perform Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI/NIST 800-171 compliant) research?

a.     No

7. Does your institution currently perform research subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations?

a.     No

8. Does your institution have a DoD Facility Security Clearance (FCL)? 

a.     No

ML-RCP Program Expectations

9. The objective of the AFRL ML-RCP is to enable and enhance the research capabilities of the HBCU’s/MSIs through collaborative research efforts with AFRL. What would be necessary for you to receive to meet this objective? 

a.     Clear objectives and expected outcomes. Scope of work. Allowable and unallowable expenses. Possible new equipment or upgrades.

If you are on NIPR, below is a direct link to the Research Capabilities document.

TN State Research_Capabilities_Report_with_NAICS_Codes