Tuskegee University

AFRL ML-RCP Partner Institution Strengths & Capabilities



Contact Information

Name: Shaik Jeelani

Title: Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate School

Email: sjeelani@tuskegee.edu



1. Please select the research areas in which your institution currently engages:

a.     Structural materials; Dr. Shaik Zainuddin

b.     Manufacturing technology

2. Please note, in detail, any research areas of strength not listed above.

a.     Advanced Materials, including structural materials, composites, light-weight aircraft materials, biodegradable composites.

3. Are there any emerging areas of research your institution is actively seeking to develop? If available, please provide a faculty contact for each area.

a.     Biodegradable composites, wound healing materials, Impact resistant materials

4. Does your institution have any internal research centers or participate in any research consortia? If so, please describe briefly and if possible include the URL. Please provide a faculty contact for each center.

a.     We have several research Centers including the Center for Advanced Materials. We collaborate with various universities and National labs.

5. Please provide a list of relevant facilities and equipment. 

a.     No response provided. 

6. Does your institution have a relationship with any other academic institution or research organization(s) that enables your access to their facilities and equipment? 

a.     Yes. Auburn University. University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Alabama, etc.

7. Has your institution collaborated with Department of Defense in the past?

a.     Yes


ML-RCP Program Expectations

8. The objective of the AFRL ML-RCP is to enable and enhance the research capabilities of the HBCU’s/MSIs through collaborative research efforts with AFRL. What would be necessary for you to receive to meet this objective?  

a.     Enhancement of our capability in advanced materials. Involvement of our graduate students in funded programs from the DoD. Interaction with scientists at DOD.