University of Houston

AFRL ML-RCP Partner Institution Strengths & Capabilities

Contact Information

Name: Claudia Neuhauser

Title: Associate VP for Research

Institution: University of Houston



1. Please select the research areas in which your institution currently engages.

a. Structural materials; YL Mo; DJ Belarbi; Kevin Bassler (Physics); David Hoffman (Chemistry)

b. Aerospace vehicles; Kevin Bassler (Physics); David Hoffman (Chemistry)

c. Bio effects

d. Functional materials & applications; Alamgir Karim; Kevin Bassler (Physics); David Hoffman (Chemistry)

e. Manufacturing technology; Venkat Selvamanickam; Goran Majkic; Yi Li

f. Electro-optical sensing

g. Layered sending exploitation & enabling sensor devices/components

h. Control, power, & thermal management systems; Harish Krishnamoorthy; Kevin Bassler (Physics); David Hoffman (Chemistry)

i. Turbine engines

j. Human centered intelligence surveillance & reconnaissance; Shishir Shah (; Ioannis Kakadiaris (; Ioannis Pavlidis (; Jiwen He (Mathematics)

k. Training & decision making; Ricardo Vilalta (; Ioannis Pavlidis (; Christoph Eick (

2. Please note, in detail, any research areas of strength not listed above.

a. High Performance and Parallel Computing i. Edgar Gabriel ( ii. Lennart Johnsson (

b. Security and Cybersecurity i. Aron Laszka ( ii. Rakesh Verma ( iii. Stephen Huang (

c. Distributed Algorithms i. Gopal Pandurangan (

d. Superconductor wires and magnets – Venkat Selvamanickam

e. Metal Additive Manufacturing – Venkat Selvamanickam

3. Are there any emerging areas of research your institution is actively seeking to develop?

a. Quantum computing, Badri Roysam

b. Climate-Change Issues – all areas Biol-Biochem, Chemistry, Computer Science, EAS, Math, Physics (Contact: Randy Lee, Associate Dean for Research)

4. Does your institution have any internal research centers or participate in any research consortia? If so, please describe briefly and if possible include the URL.

a. University-level Centers and Institutes: TcSUH/Zhifeng Ren, CNRCS/Shaun Zhang, DDI/Scott Gilbertson and Shaun Zhang, Welch Polymer Center/Eva Harth, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences has many consortia/Thomas Lapen, Advanced Manufacturing Institute (Selvamanickam)

5. Please provide a list of relevant facilities and equipment.

a. All of our centers have equipment, notable is materials research, imaging, high-performance computing, process and manufacturing equipment

6. Does your institution have a relationship with any other academic institution or research organization(s) that enables your access to their facilities and equipment?

a. Texas Medical Center and Rice University

7. Has your institution collaborated with Department of Defense in the past?

a. Yes

8. Is your institution involved in any federal STEM funding efforts?

a. Funding from NSF and defense for STEM; CyberCorps

Research Administration and Compliance

9. Does your institution have an office of sponsored programs?

a. Yes

10. Is your institution registered with the US State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls?

a. Yes

11. Does your institution currently perform Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI/ NIST 800-171 compliant) research?

a. No

12. Does your institution currently perform research subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations?

a. No

13. Does your institution have a DoD Facility Security Clearance (FCL)?

a. No

ML-RCP Program Expectations

14. The objective of the AFRL ML-RCP is to enable and enhance the research capabilities of the HBCU’s/MSIs through collaborative research efforts with AFRL. What would be necessary for you to receive to meet this objective?

a. Developing contacts for research projects; opportunities to have students participate in AFRL research labs; seminar presentations and workshops for our faculty to learn more about AFRL opportunities and on how to engage.